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Rain Typography Poster Tutorial November 30, 2012

Filed under: Art,Design — delaners @ 8:37 am

First, you’ll want to find a font that would look good on a poster and doesn’t have serifs. I used Furmanite. Serifs dont work to well in the next step.

Next, you’ll want to go under “Type” and select “Create Outlines” in order to edit your text.

Using the hollow point selector, you’ll then edit the letters however you think will look best.

It creates a strong composition to use multiples of the same word.

To create an even stronger composition, you can change the colors. I decided to stick with the black for the front “Rain” and a red for the back “Rain” to create strong contrast.

Next to the big text, you’ll then want to put in smaller, filler text. I chose lyrics from a Bruno Mars song.

Then arrange the smaller text around the big text. I used a darker red and black to color my text. You may have noticed the big “Rain” changed from a dark red, to a bright red. The smaller, darker red text shows up better on the bright red, making it readable, but still interesting.

Now that you have the text where you want it, you can then create outlines like you did with the big text.

Now you can edit the small letters in a cool, interesting way. Be careful not to edit too many letters or it will look cluttered and overworked.

Then, select an image you want for a background. Make sure it’s big enough so it won’t be pixilated and distorted when you use it with your edited text.

Go to “File” and select “Place”. It will pull up folders. Find your desired background image and click “Okay”.

To do something with a bit more meaning, type a word that has an opposite meaning to that of your big text in a pretty, swirly font. I used Edwardian Script.

Once you have your opposite word, enlarge it and place it behind the text but in front of the background image.

Then, place a rain texture image over the top of it all.

Change the texture opacity from 100% to 10%.

Now make a rectangle the same size as your art board using the shape tool.

Select everything and go to “Object,” then “Create Clipping Mask” and select “Make”. Lastly save the image as a .png or .jpeg and you are done!


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