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I draw a lot….. May 28, 2013

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I draw a lot. I have a lot of drawings in a of of different places. I know I should probably keep them all in one place, but I have them scattered through out my house, in different bags, multiple notebooks and sketchbooks, and others I have given to friends as gifts. As I wonder around my house, I find random drawings of random things from different stages in my life. I go through phases where I draw one thing over and over and over in different poses, positions, colors, and places. Everywhere. Homework. Notebooks. Textbooks (haha… guilty…). Sketch pads. Everywhere. Eventually I get over it and move onto the next obsession, but every now and again, I’ll find one from a few years back and I’ll start drawing it again. So I will post a drawing when I find it, and I happen to be close to scanner. Just remember that just because I don’t post it, doesn’t mean I don’t have it. It’s usually just lost in my sea of drawings. (I also might not post it because it’s too big to fit on my scanner….) So yeah. That’s what I do. Enjoy!


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  1. […] on the way to the mall on afternoon. I colored it the next day in school. Like I said in my post I draw a lot…. I really draw anywhere and everywhere. Please keep in mind that this was draw while on a bumpy […]

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