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The Hype- Students Take Over June 12, 2012

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Here’s the commercial my group made for the live TV show we write and produce called The Hype. It was filmed in the MetroEast studio.


Water Polo March 16, 2012

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This may just look like some guy blowing bubbles underwater, but really he is being attacked in a sport known as water polo. Water polo is what I do for fun. Now you may ask, “What is water polo?” Well, water polo is complex contact sport played in the water.

First off, you’d need to learn how to eggbeater. It is similar to treading water, but with a wider stance to help you stay upright and ready for anything. the reason water polo players eggbeater is because the rules do not allow a player to stand on the bottom of the pool. If they were to  touch the bottom, the ball would be turned over to the other team.

Next, you’d need to learn to catch, throw and shoot the ball with one hand. You are not allowed to use two hands in a water polo game. Only the goalie can touch the ball with two hands.

After learning how to handle the ball, you’d need to learn the basic set up of a water polo play. there are three players close to the cage (goal) in a row, then closer to half court there is another row containing three players. Each of the players has a defender guarding them. The teammates then call out various plays and picks to help get a better chance at scoring a goal.

Seems simple enough right? Just swimming in a cool pool, playing catch with a few buddies. Well just add an opposing team who isn’t afraid to drown and hurt you to get that ball. This game can get pretty ugly very fast. All it takes is an accidental elbow to the face to start an all-out brawl.

There are many injuries that can occur as a result of playing water polo. The most common one (and the one I am currently afflicted with) is known as swimmers shoulder. The joint where the clavicle and acromion meet is known as the AC joint. In simpler terms, the place where the collar bone meets up with the shoulder bone is where swimmer’s shoulder usually effects. The joint becomes irritated and inflamed. It’s very painful, but no permanent damage occurs.

Other injuries, such as eye injuries, are common as well. If you play water polo, and you don’t come home with a few bruises and scratches, either you weren’t playing it right, or you had played against a very soft and easy team.

Water polo is one of my favorite things to do. not only is it fun, it’s also a great way to get rid of anger and aggression.

I would recommend water polo to anyone who loves to have fun and get a great work out while handling anger in a sportsman like conduct.


Faith Project for Young Women Personal Progress February 2, 2012

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This is the pencil drawing of Jesus I drew for my Faith project for church.

Project Name: Faith

Project Goal: To complete my Personal Progress for LDS Young Women’s program

Project Narrative: So I’ve been working really hard to complete my Personal Progress for my LDS girls church group. I had finished six of the total seven of the value groups (individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue) except for the Faith project. I had to spend at least 10 hours on each project. This one took me about 14 hours. I managed to get most of it out and done in one night. That only took around seven hours. The rest of it was trying to darken the background over the next few days. I finally gave up on trying to make it any darker and called it good. This is the finished product.

Last year for Christmas, my mom got it professionally scanned and made prints on nice paper. We bought frames and sent them to family members and close friends as Christmas presents.


Fat Boy Logo

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This is the Fat Boy logo I did for one of LewisCreative’s clients.

Project Name: Fat Boy Logo

Project Goal: To create a logo for a client

Project Narrative: My mother is the founder and operator of a great graphic design company called LewisCreative. Every now and again, she gives me the opportunity to help her with a project, or have complete creative control over a project. This is one of those projects where she gave me complete control. The client, Mark, wanted a cartoon of his face for his website. This is the final product after scathing on paper, tracing it in Illustrator, and then finally perfecting it and adding color.


Green Day CD Cover

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This is the final CD cover redesign for Green Day’s Dookie album that I did in Graphic Design class.

This is the front cover.

This is the back cover.

This is the inside front cover.

This is the actual CD design.


Project Name: CD Cover Redesign

Project Goal: To create a fun design that the band you were assigned might like during the era they released the album.

Project Narrative: I was assigned Green Day’s 1994 album Dookie. For this I was asked to create a cover that would fit the era it was released in. I decided that I’d use bright colors and geometric shapes. This concept turned into the designs above. 🙂


Rain Typography

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Here’s the final for a typography lesson in my Graphic Design 1 class earlier in the school year.

Project Name: Rain Typography

Project Goal: To create a typography design based on a David Carson design.

Project Narrative: The main idea of this project was to learn the basics of typography and learn what makes typography work and not work. I worked the type in Illustrator and the background in PhotoShop. The type is actually lyrics from Bruno Mars’ song It Will Rain, which is what I was listening to when I made this.