This is DD RAE

The inner workings of my mind are an enigma

Photography March 18, 2013

Stella Purdy

Here’s my little doggie Stella. She passed away last month.

Cherry Blosoms

This is a cherry tree I found that was half pink and half white.


This is a still from a PSA about domestic abuse and violence. Mary was an actress in the PSA.

Abandoned Silo

This is a shot I took actually from a moving car on my way home from Utah.

Brick Pillar

This is a brick pillar outside of the CAL building.

Mountains and Clouds

These mountains are just outside of Bountiful Utah. The picture was taken just before sunrise.


Here the ruins of an old abandoned factory.

Orange Trees

Here are orange trees against a beautiful blue sky.


This is a house I passed on my way home from my trip to Utah in March.


Here’s a cute little farm house with the beautiful Idaho mountain range in the background


Here’s an orchard I passed on my way home.

Fence with a View

Here’s a fence on the Oregon side of the Columbia river with a view of the Washington side with the wind turbines.

Buddy Saying Good Bye

Here’s my dog Buddy Love (yes he’s named after the Jerry Lewis character from the Nutty Professor) saying good bye to my other dog, Stella Purdy (also named after the Nutty Professor)

Action Shot Sophie Running

This is and action shot I took of Sophie running outside of CAL.


Here is a picture that I took of a tree outside of The Center for Advanced Learning.

Tiki Skull

Here is a picture of the bottom of my tiki in my atrium.

Surf Books

Here is a collection of my father’s books. These basically describe who he is.


Here is a low angle shot of my logia and living room. I live in a mid-century modern house, can you tell?


This is the hi-fi that separates the living room from the logia.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Another book from my father’s collection.


This is the fence that separates the MAX line from the walkway.


Here is a toy model of a cool 60’s station wagon that is set up on a book shelf in the atrium.


This is a bud from a tree outside of The Center for Advanced Learning.


These are bottles of homemade vanilla extract my mom made. They are sitting on the self in between the kitchen and the dining room.


This picture was actually taken with my iPhone. This baby bird hit the family room window.


These are the berries from a bush outside of CAL.


THis is a downspout faucet thing on the outside of the CAL building.


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